adidas Originals – The Year Of The Superstar

Adidas adidas originals

adidas Originals – The Year Of The Superstar

“Arguably the most iconic shoe ever produced, it seems the Superstar was destined to be Adidas’ answer to eventually knocking Nike off its throne as the best-selling shoe of the year.” – RTW Collective

Earlier this year we uncovered the unlocked the Sheltoe Story and it keeps getting better with the Adidas Superstar outselling all the best sneakers in game with ease. Adidas’ Superstar sneaker couldn’t be more aptly named right now. According to research firm NPD Group, the simple, shell-toed retro style was the best seller by dollar sales last year in the US, the world’s largest sneaker market.

While the remaining nine sneakers in the top ten were Nike styles, or from the brand’s subsidiaries like CONVERSE and Jordan, it doesn’t take hard metrics to see that adidas has been picking up a lot of steam in the lifestyle market since 2015, and this upward trajectory shows no signs of stopping, with adidas’s continuation of key partnerships and collaborations.

To celebrate this milestone we are giving away pairs of Adidas Superstar sneakers. To win a pair you must just tell us via our latest social media Adidas Superstar posts and tell us what is the nickname of the Adidas Superstar.

Article via RTW Collective


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