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Black Friday Ninja Shopper

We have some serious Black Friday Shopping tips for you that will have you in and out of  stores with enough time (and cash) to have dinner bae and then Netflix ‘n chill with the squad…

  1. Shop with discounted gift cards, loyalty cards and coupons. With many stores and companies offering loyalty cards, you can save a fair amount of cash, by swiping on all those points you’ve collected in the year and who doesn’t enjoy compounded discounts?
  2. Research as a ninja would by creating a Google alert for Black Friday Specials, Black Friday Deals and Black Friday Lists.
  3. Speaking of Google alerts, it is also worth visiting the websites of the stores you’ll be visiting on Black Friday and sign up for their email newsletters. Make sure to do this at least 2 weeks before Black Friday.

  1. Prioritize your shopping list in order of importance! Shopping without a list can only lead to failure in budget and a disappointing shopping day.
  2. Have a backup items list for branded items -just in case option A is sold out, that way you still score some good deals on similar items.

  1. Shop with a friend if you can, this is helpful for a couple of reasons. A. You may need a second opinion while shopping, B) you’ll get your shopping done in less time (one of you can stand in the queue to expedite the shop.)
  2. Start you bargain search a month before, once you have a final list, split into online stores and regular stores, that way you get your shopping on line done between 12 am and 8 am before you head to the stores. (No more midnight queues! YAY)

  1. Leave the kids at home! (Save your sanity!) The last thing you need is the added stresses of repeatedly denying purchase requests, losing them, and 20min intervals of toilet visits- believe us the stress is not worth it.
  2. The week before Black Friday, is a good time to visit many stores both online and in store because you could score some sweet early deals. (Trade secret: Many retailers put items on sale a little earlier to beat competitors! So i.e. – your score on their battle – remember, you are the ninja after all!)
  3. Get to stores as early as needed, many have extended hours and will open earlier, this way the greater the likelihood that you will find the items you want.
  4. Prep and stick to a pre-determined budget. Set a daily limit on your card or shop with cash, this way you will avoid impulse shopping and you don’t end up with more debt and unnecessary items.
  5. To avoid being stuck with items that did not meet your expectations, familiarise yourself with the stores return policy. NB! Be sure to keep all the receipts from your Black Friday purchases.
  6. Make Black Friday a social event, talk to people in queues, you never know what other special offers you might of missed


  1. Remember not every deal is a good deal, know your prices. Some retailers only offer their lowest prices closer to December 25th. Meaning you have a higher chance of getting a slightly bigger discount during the festive season as opposed to Black Friday.

Oh and one more thing, avoid wearing store staff colours like red, you don’t need people coming up to you asking for prices or assistance! Wear those ‘all night long’ sneakers, comfort over fashion on this day and with all this helpful info you will have a kick ass time this Black Friday – you being the Ninja shopper.

xox Sneaker Bae



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