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Converse Sneaker Trends for 2021

Converse Sneaker Trends for 2021
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Converse Sneaker Trends for 2021

If you are a Converse fan, you are in for a treat in 2021 as Converse sneaker trends are ahead of the game.

You’re in the right place by shopping at Side Step as they will ensure you get to enjoy the 2021 Converse sneaker collection at their stores. The legendary band has a collection of sneakers for men, women and kids. This classic American brand is known for its signature sneakers, which feature the iconic Chuck Taylor as well as All-Star Player. Chucks are easily the most versatile casual shoes ever manufactured. They are comfortable, easy to wear, the signature design that works with jeans, shorts, tees, hoodies, tracksuits, and even dresses and skirts - let’s not forget weddings. It goes without saying that Converse sneakers have stood and will stand the test of time. They have never dated and or lost their status as one of the most iconic sneaker brands of all time. With that said, there are a few trends to watch from this brand for the year ahead.

Converse Sneaker Trends to Watch

From printed to platform, there are a number of Converse sneaker trends we’re looking out for this coming year. Here are a few of our favourites.

Bold prints

The current collection continues to feature bold prints. These are a great way to add more impact to your look and mix things up. For men, designs include bold peace wordmarks featured on high tops along with quirky Loony Tune designs featured on classic All Stars. In the kids’ collection, there are plenty of fun designs. Look out for Loony Tunes, animal prints, rainbow soles, and other prints. 


Platform soles

Platform soles remain a popular choice, especially in women’s sneakers. These styles take the classic All Star look up a notch, with a lift that brings to mind late 90s style. Platform sneakers work with just about every outfit. Pair them with skinny jeans and a t-shirt, shorts and tank top, skirts, dresses, leggings or any other outfit that needs a lift. Look out for the Converse All Star Lift Leather OX for a premium platform sneaker that will stay on trend next year.


Bright colours 

Traditionally, Chucks have been most popular in white, black and navy. Over the years, additional colours such as red began to grow in popularity. Today, there are even more colours to choose from, for men, women and kids. Bold colours such as green, pink, mustard, and bright blue can be found along with neutrals, helping you add a bold touch to your look with a touch of bright and bold colour. 

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