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3 Looks with Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

3 Looks with Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

3 Looks with Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

Onitsuka Tiger sneakers crush it when it comes to retro-cool in the streetwear scene.

This Japanese brand is the forerunner to Asics. It features a classic reinforced cross design with  bold unusual colourway compliments. Made famous by Uma Therman in Kill Bill, the brand has gained a cult following. The Mexico 66 range is a consistent favourite within the vintage-style sneaker brotherhood. Colours range from classic monotone to bold contrasts, Onitsuka Tiger Mexico 66 heritage racer is versatile with a timeless design. Oh, and don’t forget their trademark heel tab feature made from natural leather and branded with the Onitsuka Tiger emblem


How to Wear Your Onitsuka Tiger Sneakers

Here are a few ways that men wear their Mexico 66 sneakers:

1/ Jeans

While skinny jeans work especially well with Tigers (especially rolled up to expose the sneaker’s sleek design and the cool heel tab), you can wear your Tigers with both straight and slim denim styles as well. Trending now are distressed skinnies, adding more street to your style. Keep it casual with t-shirts and hoodies or level up your look with denim shirts or jackets. Black jeans are a perfect accompaniment to your bolder coloured Tigers. You can even try white or coloured jeans, however far you want to go.


2/ Joggers

Basic sweats may work well with other sneakers. For retro-style sneakers, you want a better fit (carrot or tight calf) so that the sneakers stand proud. Joggers will pair well with your sneakers - especially if they sit at your ankles or just above - so pull them up! Add a t-shirt and pullover or hoodie, and you’re good to go. Neutral colours like black and grey will help your sneakers stand out if you’re going for brighter contrasts. 


3/ Shorts

Sneakers and shorts are not always a combination that works. For vintage style sneakers, the right shorts can work very well. This look is a little more smarter than casual but can be dressed down with a t-shirt. If you’re wanting to smarten up a bit, try adding a casual shirt on top of your tee or a polo shirt. Denim cut-offs and cargo shorts can also be worn, otherwise try simple knee-length shorts in neutrals or colour, but please, no short-shorts :) 


However you wear your retro sneakers, we’ve got a hand-picked collection with exclusive colours like Birch India in store and online at Side Step.

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