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3 Ways to Wear SikSilk Distressed Skinny Jeans for Men

3 Ways to Wear SikSilk Distressed Skinny Jeans for Men

SikSilk is best described as an athletic, styled combination of sportswear meeting street wear.

The brand appeals to multiple audiences with something for everyone - from fits to different styles. But SikSilk is more than a brand – it’s a lifestyle. The SikSilk clothing range features classics that will never date - they are just too unique. The top place to shop SikSilk online or in store at one of our many branches. Side Step offers a SikSilk range of on-trend skinny jeans for men. These jeans are versatile and comfortable, working well with tees, hoodies and even shirts if you’re upping your smart casual game. Read on to find out how to wear your SikSilk distressed skinny jeans for men. 


SikSilk Distressed Skinny Jeans: 3 Looks

This brand is known for its edgy active-meets-street style.

It’s a progressive trend brand with its laid-back looks and premium quality finish essentials. One of the wardrobe must-haves in this collection includes SikSilk distressed skinny jeans for men. These jeans are snug and comfortable, with ripped knees and frayed sections in all the right places. We’ve got various washes in store, from medium to light.  


So here’s how to wear your distressed, skinny jeans:

1/ Tees

SikSilk tees combine classic fits with bold, bright flair.

These signature and uniquely branded tees are subtle and easy to wear, with both high neck and regular neck styles. Choose a fitted tee or go for a loose fit. Keep it neutral in black and white or add some colour. Add a pair of your favourite sneakers and you’re good to go.


2/ Hoodies

Hoodies also work well with distressed skinny jeans.

Worn over tee shirts or tanks, or on the shoulder, hoodies are always a winner when completing your outfit. Choose a zipped hoodie or a pull-over hoodie and complete your look with a trucker cap in black, white or bright red. 


3/ Shirts

While this brand is all about bridging the gap between sportswear and streetwear, the skinny jeans in this collection will also work well with shirts, especially if you want to make a statement.

If you’re looking for a smart casual look that’s not too stuffy or serious, try a shirt with distressed skinnies and a pair of your favourite sneakers.

Any way you look at it, adding a SilkSilk garment to your look adds a great finishing touch to any outfit.

Exclusively available at SA Side Step, to find your pair of distressed skinny jeans and many other must-haves for your wardrobe, shop our full selection online today! Alternatively, there are over a hundred Side Step stores situated across South Africa. Find your nearest branch. #followthemovement

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