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adidas Gazelle Remain Forever Young

So, if ever you had the urge to run freely across the open plains of the African Serengeti, make sure you have your pair of adidas Gazelle suede sneakers on… or maybe at least with you… 🙂

Seriously, although the Gazelles have a more modern look and feel to them, they are not the best sneakers for competitive athletics or running wild across free across open plains, but don’t underestimate these sneakers or their creators, just as a fine wine or good brie, the adidas Gazelles only improve with age.

Rebel with a Cause

Bursting onto the scene and breaking conventions right from the word go the adidas Gazelles were the first sneakers for athletes to have been made from suede and not Kangaroo leather. Initially manufactured in blue and white and red and white, the bold coloured suede Gazelles gained immense popularity. And historically, from there, other subcultures started paying attention to these bold coloured suede sneakers making them everyday wear.

By the 80s not only were they a rite-of-passage for many British outcasts, but the Gazelle had also comfortably established itself as the go-to sneaker with superstars like Michael Jackson, Kate Moss and the Beastie Boys. Even though the Gazelles popularity spread faster than rap beef, we at Side Step love them as they are one of the first suede sneakers in the world to build a reputation as the people shoe. Finding favour with the common man, from creatives to teachers, plumbers, chefs, doctors and more, the Gazelles suit the lyrics “Started from the bottom now they here.”

For us, it’s not all nostalgia with the OG Gazelle; we firmly believe that over the last 50 years the Gazelle has been reinvented to speak to a modern audience and they do it well. It is a must-have sneaker from 18 months to 80 years old. The Gazelles are the gift that keeps on giving!

Side Step Style Guru Tips:

Go laid-back this weekend by taking some fashion tips for the chill master himself, Bob Marley. Dress down your Gazelles with your favourite straight leg or boyfriend jeans, a plain double pocket collar shirt throw on an oversized unisex bomber jacket you’re good to go.

Embrace the 2018 Gen X mood dress up your adidas track pants and sweat top with a pair of suede black and white OGs Gazelles. Top off the look with a bucket hat, snapback cap and some minimalist bling and voila, a look that’s perfect to take you from the shopping centre to your fave chill spot, instantly.

Be bold with your skinnies, by matching your Gazelles with any plaid, checker or stripes T-shirt throw in some bright accessories, oversized sunnies, and either a leather jacket or cotton scarf, and you’re paparazzi ready.

No matter how many times it’s been redone, the Gazelles still encompass the simplicity of adidas Original products making it a timeless/retro staple. adidas Gazelle remain forever young, as one of the OG sneakers that have been able to enjoy more than 50 years of relevant longevity.