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Biggest Sneaker Trends to Watch

Biggest Sneaker Trends to Watch

As the best place to shop sneakers online, Side Step is all about staying updated on the latest trends. Just like all types of footwear and clothing, trends come and go. Some trends may have a one-hit moment, while others may make several comebacks over the years. Although trending sneakers are not the only sneakers to look at and classics will never let you down, it’s good to see what’s out there in terms of the latest looks. In this guide, we share some of the trends to watch, helping you shop the sneakers that meet your needs and are on trend online.


Shop Sneakers Online for the Latest Trends

In no particular order, here are some of the hottest trends to keep your eye on when you shop sneakers online at Side Step.



The early 2000s were all about the chunk.

This trend faded for a while but never fully went out of style. Today, chunky has once again emerged as a popular style favoured by many brands like Puma and ellesse. Thick, chunky soles are the focus on the design, which is generally used in hi-top styles. Along with making a statement, these sneakers are also made for comfort, with plenty of cushioning and support in those chunky soles. Bold colours can also be seen in chunky sneakers, with contrasts and design elements that add even more of a turn-of-the-century look.


We’re all familiar with trademark logos on most big brand sneaks.

Today’s sneakers are moving away from subtle and small logos to something bigger and bolder. Logo sneakers turn brand names into a design element, giving them a unique look and adding to their appeal. A great example of a bold logo sneaker is the ellesse Monza 2 Men’s sneaker. This sneaker goes one step further with contrasting colours and a classic style that makes it ideal for street wear.


Retro sneakers are not going away anytime soon.

Even though these styles have not exactly gone out of fashion, there has been a rise in retro sneakers in recent times. These include the return of skate shoes, with an extended range that brings them to the current era. Chucks are also getting a bolder look, with prints and other details. Tennis style court shoes are also making a come-back, bringing this adidas classic into 2020.


Here at Side Step, we’re all about bringing you the best sneaker brands in a huge range of styles. Shop sneakers online for men, women, and kids to find the latest looks now.


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