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Colour Your World

Colour Your World

Colour your world with the hottest 2022 colour trends hitting sneakers, tees, bottoms and other gear this year. In 2021, Side Step featured some of the top trends, from sneaker customisation to Gorpcore, minimal, old school and others. Colour has played a starring role in these trends and as always, we’re celebrating the hottest shades coming in 2022 so read on to level up your look for the year.

2022 Colour Trends

2022 colour trends to watch include the following:



Bold combinations

The bold colour combinations we’ve seen in sneakers and clothing are still super relevant. These combinations use colour blocking to make a statement, with contrast colours that blend neutral and bright shades, often seemingly unusual combinations. Yet they work, just like your reaction to your first sip of wine, the more you look, the more sense the colour combination makes! Tops, worn with neutral bottoms including jeans, cargos, track pants and shorts make effortless companions when it comes to colour. You can pair these with solid colour sneakers or inject even more colour with your colour block sneakers.



Shades of saffron

Saffron will be showing up on sneakers and clothing in the coming months, along with shades of yellow. This colour has a yellow-orange tone that’s rich and stands out on its own. Whether used as an accent colour or solid on any apparel or sneakers, this colour is a standout. Mustard and yellow are also selections for your 2022 wardrobe. Despite being bright and bold, these colours are also versatile and pair well with black, navy, white, khaki, pink, grey, and even shades of red.

Classic monochrome

Mono sneakers remain a classic and sensible choice. If you prefer minimal style sneakers, solid colours in black or white are the way to go and help when you are wanting to minimalism your wardrobe. White sneakers in classic old school styles will pair with everything in your wardrobe. Black sneakers are just as versatile. The silhouette is up to you and your style code, whether chunky, laidback canvas or retro styles. 

You’ll find a wide range of sneakers and apparel online at Side Step or at our many stores nationwide. Make sure you colour your wardrobe with the hottest 2022 colour trends.

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