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Easy Laid-Back Style with Superga Sneakers

Easy Laid-Back Style with Superga Sneakers

Easy Laid-Back Style with Superga Sneakers

If it’s laid-back style you’re after, Superga sneakers will definitely foot the bill - so to speak!.

The sneaker design smacks of it’s Italian heritage with a minimal, sophisticated presentation. Favoured by celebrities and cult followers alike, the Superga brand has become synonymous with understated footwear design elegance and versatility. For a relaxed look that takes casual up a level, Superga sneakers will hit the mark each time.


Up Your Casual Style with Superga Sneakers

Superga sneakers elevate your laid-back style game, read on to find out how.

Minimal design. 

If you are not into overly branded footwear and clothing, but looking for a sneaker with understated design features, Superga trends without losing their iconic design signature. Rather than overt branding, the sneakers keep the branding light and simple by featuring either the trademark “S” like on the 228 Cotu Highs or a tag displaying the full Superga logo like the 2750 Cotu Lows, making these sneakers instantly recognisable.


Comfortable fit. 

Comfort is everything with any casual footwear. You want sneakers that can be worn all day without any chafing or discomfort caused by thin soles or synthetic materials. These tennis style shoes are made of durable, breathable canvas, with vulcanised rubber soles that add cushioning and added comfort. As you’d expect from a brand with a history dating back to 1925, the shoes are made to last. Updated technology means that new innovations continue to add to Superga’s wearbility.


Versatile looks. 

Superga footwear is loved by men, women and kids. Working with just about every casual outfit in your closet, from your skinny jeans, distressed jeans, mom jeans, straight-cut jeans, leggings, shorts, chinos, skirts, dresses, track pants, tees, hoodies, casual shirts, and just about everything but the kitchen sink - they are a perfect fit. However you wear them, they will add simple style to your look. Side Step has a variety of colours and designs in store, from bold 2790 Cotlettering platforms to more neutral 2750 Cotu and 2341 Cotu Alpina boot ranges. Go universal with a pair of black or white sneakers that will go with everything or take a step on the wild side and get yourself a pair of denim, pink, rose, yellow, red or grey sneakers. 


Ready to find the perfect sneaker for your casual wardrobe? Shop Superga sneakers online at Side Step 24/7 and get fast shipping right to your door.


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