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Finding the Best Levi’s Jeans Online

Finding the Best Levi’s Jeans Online

Shopping for jeans online is much easier than you may think.

Online jeans shopping actually takes away a lot of time and effort to find the perfect jeans. Many people shop without trying on jeans, for numerous reasons ranging from not enough time to preferring to try them on at home. Side Step makes it easy to shop Levi’s jeans online, getting the right fit, wash, and size without the hassle of buying in a clothing store.


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How to Shop Levi's Jeans Online

When you shop Levi’s jeans online, there are three things you need to consider: the fit, wash, and size. Here’s how each of those things comes into play.


The original Levi’s jeans had a classic straight leg fit.

Today, the straight fit remains the most popular of styles - especially for men. This fit is comfortable - not too loose and not too tight. If you’re the type who prefers slim fit or skinny jeans, you may not go for a straight cut. Many choose this fit because it’s the most versatile - working well for casual and smart-casual occasions. Worn with tees, hoodies, and sneakers or a sharp shirt and jacket, these jeans will see you through for many years without going out of style.



Levi’s come in a variety of washes.

The most common denim wash, in general, is a mid-blue colour that is neither very pale nor very dark. This wash is versatile and easy to wear, working well with everything in your wardrobe. Dark wash denim is also a good choice for those who prefer their jeans on the navy or dark blue scale. Black wash is another good option. Your best bet is to get a combination of washes so that you can pick and choose to suit your mood.



Size is another factor you’ll need to consider, whether shopping online or in a store.

In a store, you’ll have to try and gauge your measurements and take a guess. This can be a huge pain if you’re trying jeans on in dressing rooms. A big benefit of online shopping for jeans is that you can use a sizing chart to determine your exact size. This will mean bringing out the tape measure but it’ll be well worth the effort, you’ll get the perfect fit. No sagging and no overly tight waistbands. Instead, your jeans will fit like they’re made for you.


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Looking for the best jeans from this iconic brand? Shop Levi’s jeans online at Side Step to see what we’ve currently got on offer.


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