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Gorpcore is Technical Fashion Made Cool

Gorpcore is Technical Fashion Made Cool

Gorpcore is Technical Fashion Made Cool

Never heard of the word before? You are not alone but we’ve got your back… Gorpcore is a descriptor referring to "Good Ol' Raisins and Peanuts”, the trend known as Gorpcore and is less about fashion and more of a lifestyle. The term was coined by The Cut writer, Jason Chen in 2017 having named this a growing trend that had been around for a while. This style of dress is about taking functional, technical fashion made for hiking and other outdoor adventures and wearing it as part of one's everyday wardrobe, much the same as gym gear. So think parkas designed with the latest outdoor innovation, utilitarian clothing and other gear that is practical, comfortable and easy to wear. 

Gorpcore is ideal for those looking for laid-back leisurewear that can be worn every day, whether off on an adventure or kicking back at home. It does have a distinctive look and is far from delicate.

Why You’ll Love Technical Fashion

If you are looking for something slightly different to the crowd that is also functional and gives you an air of adventure, then this trend is perfect for you. Here are a few more reasons why the Gorpcore technical fashion trend is very relevant.

It is comfortable.

If comfort is what you are looking for in your footwear and clothing, Gorpcore is sure to meet those needs and be an ideal aspect to your wardrobe. In winter, parkas, windbreakers and other jackets are made from high-quality materials that keep you warm, with added insulation and other innovations. As these jackets are made for long hikes and extreme activities, they give you all these benefits alongside breathable fabrics, too. A Brand like The North Face also offer you a range of super comfy t-shirts and long-sleeved tops made from soft cotton - ideal for layering under their iconic jackets. 

It is stylish.

Gorpcore looks good, too. For city strolling, it offers a versatile range of gear that can be worn day and night. Pair ellesse 3/4 Zip Hooded Jacket it’s colour blocked if you are looking for more flair, pair your jacket with ellesse Split Track Pants, cargo pants, Levi's Slim Taper Jeans, beanies and Superga Alpina Wave Boots for an easy yet on-trend look. The great thing about this look is that you don’t have to try too hard to hit the Gorpcore look. You can select muted colours or go in hard but always include functional pieces that won’t lose their style in a year or two, Gorpcore fashion has far more shelf life than other trends. 

It is practical. 

As this look is about the merging of outdoor wear and functional streetwear, practicality plays a massive role. Accessories like the Nike backpacks will take you through the woods and streets with everything you need in one place. Add adidas Originals Cuff Beanie for those cooler days and you’ll be good to go.

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