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How To Style Denim With Sneakers

How To Style Denim With Sneakers

Are you struggling to mix and match your jean and sneaker collection?

While these are super versatile wardrobe essentials, matching them up can prove to be tricky! This is especially true when considering various denim washes, lengths, and fits. Moreover, your sneakers could come in an array of patterns, colours and styles, which is where the confusion may begin.

A slick pair of Voltage skinnies may pair awesomely with vintage skating vans but can look hella awkward with a chunky basketball high-top. So how can you determine what works and what is considered a fashion faux pas?



We suggest starting with these three essential questions:

  1. What is the occasion ‒ dressy or casual?
  2. What style of fit and wash denim makes you feel most like you?
  3. Which shoe compliments the occasion, the fit and the wash of your denim of choice?

From here, you can begin to build some sick outfits! Let's look at how this process comes together in further detail.



Consider The Occasion

You're planning your day ahead. For the first half of your day, you'll be roaming around town, getting some work done at a local coffee shop and attending a meeting. For the second half of your day, you've got a dinner date planned and need to feel your absolute best. You want an outfit change but don't want to come across like you've tried too hard or worse, not at all, for either occasion.

For your day around town, you could show your personality with a solid wash pair of slim-fit jeans, brought to life with a pop of colour with a funky low-top athletic shoe. This choice will ensure you're comfortable while walking the city streets.

In the evening, why not try a monochromatic look with dark solid wash jeans that hit just below the ankle and a matching black sneaker? Alternatively, try the white jeans and sneaker combo ‒ just be mindful while eating!

Find Your Perfect Fit

Finding the right fit for jeans can be a daunting task. Different fitting jeans complement different shoe styles. For example, baggy jeans work well with a chunky sneaker, such as an Airforce 1 or Jadon, while a slimmer leg looks incredible with a neat pair of Vans or Converse.

Some of the common jean styles include:

  1. Slim
  2. Regular
  3. Relaxed
  4. Loose
  5. Skinny
  6. Straight
  7. Bootcut

We recommend trying all of the above with your favourite shoes and making the match by balancing the weight of the shoe with the jeans style. And if your jeans rumple at the ankle, you either need to take a trip to the tailor or try a hem roll, which can add an extra styling element to the outfit.



Colour Me Perfect

No matter what, nobody wants to look sloppy or like their clothes don't work together. To appear put-together and sophisticated, avoid denim with rips or two-tone washes. The denim should get darker the more formal the occasion, and we recommend sticking with your neutral-coloured sneakers.

For a more casual look, why not spice it up? If rips are your thing, go for it. This look is edgy and modern and looks great with a shoe that mimics the same personality. Think checkered Old Skool Vans. Alternatively, you can play with denim washes, pairing these with a more colourful sneaker to consolidate the look.



Styling your jeans with sneakers can be trickier than expected. Refer to this guide and ask yourself the three questions mentioned above to create a look that compliments the shoe, the style of jeans, and the occasion! Why not check out the Voltage range available online or in-store for a denim upgrade? For more information, get in touch today.

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