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How To Style Your Superga Alpina Boot

How To Style Your Superga Alpina Boot

Supergas are an absolute classic choice for every wardrobe. Founded in 1911, this brand has introduced many styles over the years, all founded on long-lasting comfort and undeniable style.



These shoes are recognisable from the iconic "S", which communicates Superga's minimalist approach to sneaker design. Now, as we see some modern styles emerging, people are wondering what direction to go in when it comes to styling.

Take the Alpina Boot ‒ they are a classic blend between preppy everyday boots and sneakers, also known as the sneaker boot. This style is so easy to wear because it can work for casual and dressy occasions, depending on what colour choice you decide to run with. Moreover, this is a fantastic option for winter as it offers the comfort of a sneaker while providing a boot's protection against the weather.

Let's take a look at some styling tips for this range below.



Styling A Classic Business-Casual Look

The Alpina works fabulously as a business-casual shoe choice. Picking an earth-toned pair and emulating those earth tones in the rest of the outfit for autumn and winter is a great way to look professional, seasonal and appropriate for casual settings.

You could start with some well-fitting chinos, adding a lightweight button-up shirt and cardigan or a camel coat, depending on how cold it is outside. You could also choose darker wash jeans, paired with maroons or browns, for a slightly more sophisticated look.

Styling For An Outdoorsy Look

Are you into that outdoorsy look that screams, "I like to go hiking in the mountains but still look cool while doing it"? If so, this one is for you.

The Alpina can easily be incorporated into a rugged outdoors aesthetic. Think flannel, denim and layered vests for a truly autumnal vibe. Because the shoe screams comfort and practicality, pairing these layer-ready pieces ties perfectly into the narrative of being prepared for anything. A nice pair of raw, dark wash jeans can look tight with a ¾ sleeve shirt, a vest and a heavier jacket. Throw on your olive, cream, or black Alpina boots, and you're ready to go.



Styling For The Streets

If your look leans more street style, you can certainly take it up a notch with Alpinas. This style works great because, just like the boot, street style mirrors comfort, edge and a combination of trendy pieces.

Grab your favourite cargo pants, longer lightweight t-shirt and denim jacket and pair that with the black or white Alpinas for an effortlessly stylish look. Alternatively, a bomber jacket and light wash slim fit pair of jeans will work wonders for any casual daytime activities.

Show your unique style and will to step outside the norm with the trendy and comfortable sneaker boot. The Alpina boot is so easy to wear and can be worn for various occasions, working with multiple styles and complimenting each one uniquely.



At Side Step, we stock some of the hottest Superga styles, including the Alpina Boot, available in several colours. So, if you haven't already, why not find yours today? Find your nearest store or shop Superga online today.

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