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Minimal Streetwear Looks with Superga

Minimal Streetwear Looks with Superga

Minimal Streetwear Looks with Superga

With its trademark sleek design and classic lines, Superga is the very definition of minimal streetwear.

Founded in 1911 by  Italian Water Martiny, Superga from its early origins, has featured trademark rubber soles, flawless craftsmanship and subtle branding. In 1951, the brand merged with Pirelli, increasing the production of its timeless tennis shoes and then to further develop even more signature sneaker silhouettes. 

What has set this brand apart over in a history of a hundred years is its ability to evolve as technology develops, without losing its classic trademark design. When it comes to minimal streetwear, Superga is the brand of choice for men, women and children.

Minimal Streetwear with Superga Sneakers

You can dress your look up or down when wearing Superga sneakers.

Wear them with skinny jeans, shorts, dresses or skirts and top your bottoms off with a collared shirt, Tee or golfer. They even go well with casual gear like track pants, joggers, and hoodies. As the design of these sneakers are simple and subtle, they’re extremely versatile making them ideal for minimal streetwear. Check out these top sneakers for your low-key looks.


Platform sneakers have made a huge comeback in women’s footwear over the last few years. Taking their cue from 90s minimal style, platforms maintain the simple appeal of Superga sneakers but with a bit of an edge. You’d expect nothing less from the Italian brand. Side Step has a selection of platform sneakers for women, including the letter tape platform in white and grey ash and the letter tape platform in black and grey ash.


Monochrome sneakers are a footwear staple in every casual wardrobe. The classic white tennis shoe remains one of the brand's most iconic styles. Made from comfortable and breathable materials, this sneaker has a canvas upper and a vulcanised-rubber sole. Black tennis sneakers are equally as versatile, working well with any outfit. For a more subtle look, the Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in grey is a must-have.


Bold accents work well with minimal outfits in monochrome or neutral colours. Shades of golden yellow, teal and Bordeaux add colour without going over the top. Wear with distressed skinny jeans, cut-off denim, plain or subtly branded t-shirts or tracksuits.

With over 100 stores nationwide, Side Step is your go-to choice for Superga sneakers. Shop online or find your nearest branch so you can kit your wardrobe with the ideal sneakers for no-fuss minimal streetwear looks.

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