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New Balance – The Old School Charm

New Balance – The Old School Charm

New Balance – The Old School Charm

Claiming the edge over competitors early on, New Balance boldly boasted products that have remained in top class quality and form since 1906. Standing by the products like a good marriage, New Balance have managed to survive one of the worst economic times in history, the great depression. Not only that, New Balance have sailed effortlessly through changes in economy, advances in technology, changes in athletics and some outrageous marketing trends,  to remain one of the best brands to come out of New England.

Not surprising that New Balance was initially a manufacturer of arch supports for shoes and had no interest in sneaker manufacturing.

 Even though they only manufactured and sold arch supports, founder William J Riley, (a man impeccable vision for his company) gave New Balance the competitive edge. Inspired by chickens and the way a three toed foot best supports a body, New Balance Arch supports based their revolutionary three prongs arch on Mr Riley’s observation.

Standing by their claim, to have created a superior Arch Support, New Balance,  made a bold move to sell their arch supports for the price of a brand new sneaker (in the 1920s of course). Although, yes the high price point would aid the company revenue, the focus for New Balance was to create the highest-quality products that could sell for the top – dollar, because it would best aid it’s customer with a superior longer lasting product.

Sticking with this theory after a few burned athlete endorsements, New Balance would go on to coin the phrase “Endorsed by no one.” – One of their longest running marketing campaigns and strategies.

You can now get yourself a pair of the New Balance 327 styles both online and at your select Side Step stores. The New Balance 327 comes with modern design, which carries the heritage running style of the original silhouette. Crafted with premium materials including suede, these shoes have an upper design that celebrates our iconic '70s silhouette while adding contemporary details like a bold N logo for a fresh take on an all-time classic. Comfortable and obviously stylish, these retro sneakers give your everyday wear a fashionable finish.

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