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Although fashion has advanced a lot more over the past couple of years, there is still a fine line between dressing well and becoming a modern art Collector’s item. Wearing your Converse Chuck Taylor All Stars with your white wedding princess dress or James Bond suit is just as acceptable as wearing formal dress shoes with your weekend denim and ellesse colour block jacket. These days the possibilities are endless when you reach for the All Stars.  (Ps. Not including those of you still out there wearing crocs and socks…Haai man that ish is not acceptable!)




As a Side Step customer, we know you always know how to style up or style down your fave pair of sneakers. So, instead of bombarding you with winter wardrobe style guide what-what’s that you really DON’T need, we want you to indulge us as we journey way, way …WAY… back down memory lane to pay homage to our favourite OG classic sneakers this month.

To all the 80s and 90s babies, we wanna dedicate the very first sneaker OG shout out to you legends!

Let’s kick off the list with:

The Original All Star Canvas Chuck Taylors

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Whether you’re a Lawyer, Pantsula Dancer, Slay Queen, Gym-a-holic , Politician or Home-Executive we know you’ve probably got a pair of these babies in your wardrobe. Not only because they look good with everything you wear, but also because you and your Chucks have been on a journey together.  From that time as a kid playing soccer in the streets after school, hoping to become the next Benny McCarthy, to the teenager who wore his pants to damn low trying to follow in the footsteps of Iconic rapper Snoop Dogg! Then there was that brief and awkward, rock emo kid phase followed by a short stint as a ‘professional’ Pantsula/ crunk/hip-hop dancer and last but not least the early 2000s late 90s era -you remember – the oversized jeans, oversized basketball shirts, oversized puffy jackets, gold chains and a pair of Converse Chuck Taylors.

Without changing the original, Chuck Taylors blueprint, Converse have managed to keep our beloved Chucks as one of the most reliable sneakers of all time. They’ve touched almost every corner of South Africa and have managed to effortlessly leave their own unique stamp on fashion and culture throughout the years. Seriously, it’s impossible to watch TV, open a magazine, google a red carpet event or walk down the street without seeing a pair of Original Chucks.

With the growth of Converse all over the world you will now find your beloved pair of chucks in all different colours and styles, and crazy cool patterns to suit your personality. As you know Side Step alone now is retailing Converse in over  90 Side Step stores nationwide (we got you!), seriously though, I mean with superstars like Dj Doowop, All American Rejects, Vince Staples, Maisie Williams, and  Yara Shadidi pulling out the Chucks for the major events and moments, we highly doubt that this OG sneaker will go out of fashion any time soon, and why we recommend that This winter Reach for the All Stars.

Xoxo SneakerBae