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For Original Sneakers OG week 2, we want to turn your attention to VANS “off the wall” A sneaker that has remained remarkably relevant, in demand, stylish and trending. By simply adding colours, fabrics, patterns and styles without having to change the core blueprint of the original design! making VANS truly one of a kind.



From the very first design VANS have been stealing the hearts of people in Southern California, (particularly skaters and surfers – the coolest people in the 80s for sure). Beginning in a humble factory in the 60s, it didn’t take long for the iconic sneaker to steal the heart of young skater boy, Tony Alva, who as a young man was drawn to the only sneaker shop who’d sell him one sneaker at a time when one of his got damaged. A young guy with big dreams and immense talent, VANS teamed up with Alva, who helped them develop sneakers specifically for the skaters of that time. Opening up the avenues for a whole new market, that design became the blueprint for the VANS we know and love today. Ps, you can now find a pair of VANS to match your style at a Side Step Store near you.

Growing up in the 70s, 80s or 90s it was impossible to escape the skater wave. If you didn’t own a pair of VANS sneakers, you were probably surrounded by like a ‘million’ people who did! (Especially all the Tony Alva wannabes) Now admittedly, there are not many sneakers that can transcend literally decades, without changing the blueprint and still; remain as popular as they were when they first came out. However, this is exactly what VANS managed to do, with their statement thick waffle grip sole, padded collar, and unique colour combinations.

As the skater culture grew, so did the demand for VANS, taking the company to new heights, they were on the rise – literally! Bringing to the streets, the next generations of VANS sneakers, the Sk8-Hi made its debut into the world boasting the all familiar iconic side stripe we know today. Designed in numerous colour combinations and unique funky patterns, not only was the VANS Sk8-Hi a brilliant design with high rise padding around the ankle, they were also a huge asset for all the skaters who often hurt or broke their ankles, enjoying their favourite sport.

It’s not easy to stay relevant to bring a new product, design or style without having the temptation of having to reinvent it and yet that is exactly what VANS did, which is why I believe make VANS truly one of a kind sneaker. Even when they released new styles like the much-loved checker slip-on, the thick waffle sole and padded collar remained! As they progressed and began to introduce more colour combinations, fabrics and styles to the Vans family, VANS began to find favour with larger communities from, celebrities to hipsters, football stars and dancers this OG sneaker can literally take you from the catwalk to the Skate-park, and not have you miss a fashion moment either way!