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Why the adidas Originals Brand Will Never Date

Why the adidas Originals Brand Will Never Date

If there’s one activewear brand that everyone knows, it’s adidas Originals.

The Originals history dating back to the 1940s, adidas has become one of the most iconic brands in modern world. Originally specialising in sporting footwear, the adidas company and was the first to replace metal cleats with rubber and canvas cleats on running shoes. Since its inception, the brand has grown and specialised into two niche specialities - adidas Performance and adidas Originals. With leisurewear becoming such a huge business, adidas Originals has become synonymous with fashion and street culture. Its signature trefoil logo is much sought after and tastefully placed on their range of sneakers, footwear and clothing. Originals designs are a morphing of Performance designed product, but with a leisure edge making the brand more relevant for streetwear and everyday athletes. The Originals range includes a number of classic styles, including the Stan Smith, Grand Prix, Samoa, LA Trainer, and ZX Torsion. 


adidas Originals - An Iconic Classic

What makes the adidas Originals brand such an iconic brand? Let’s take a look.


It has history.

Launched in 1997 the adidas Originals range has a key signature and that is to focus on heritage lines from footwear to clothing and accessories. The Trefoil logo was originally used across all adidas products but since the development of Originals, it has become exclusive to the heritage range of products. 


Timeless design.

With its distinctive retro appeal, the Originals range pays homage to the old school active styles from the 1940s to the 1980s. Styles like the Stan Smith, Superstar, and Adilette have remained firm favourites since the launch of the signature range. 


Constant innovation.

Along with its classic footwear and clothing, the Originals range has included a wide variety of contemporary styles, showing its commitment to innovation. As you’d expect from a super brand, every release has been made to break trends and where possible, feature the latest technology including recyclables.


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