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Why Vans Shoes Will Never Date

Why Vans Shoes Will Never Date

If you’ve never owned a pair of Vans shoes, you’re kinda in the minority ;).

Vans have easily been one of the most loved sneakers around, for men, women and kids for some time. Conceived and originating in California, with their signature skate shoe became a classic in the 60s. With signature design, comfort and versatility all being part of the reason that Vans shoes remain a classic choice. They can be worn with just about every outfit, from jeans to shorts, cargo pants, hoodies, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts, these shoes are the perfect addition to your casual footwear collection. 

Why Vans Shoes Will Stay On-Trend

We think these are just a few reasons why Vans sneakers will never go out of fashion. 

Classic style 

One of the things that makes Vans such a classic is their signature style. Featuring their patented waffle outsole and side-stripe, these shoes can be easily recognised from their look alone. While the original sneakers featured neutral colours who are still firm favourites, there are growing releases that include a greater variety of colours and prints, helping you mix and match to suit your mood and wardrobe. 


Quality design 

Another trademark of Vans is its commitment to quality design. These sneakers are made to last - just imaging the punishment they take on a skateboard! Strong stitching, well-crafted inners and premium canvas outers ensure that your Vans will never let you down or fall apart. Thanks to the brand’s long history, you can always be sure that quality is top-notch.


Comfortable fit

Skate shoes and casual shoes are meant to be comfortable and Vans certainly are, thanks to their cushioned inners, making them an all-day sneaker to wear. Whether you prefer laces or you’d rather go for comfy slip-on styles, you know that you won’t have to worry about comfort. These sneakers are made to be worn when you’re off duty, for easy street style that is low-key and always easy to wear.

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