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ellesse Calico Youth Mono White


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ELLESSE HERITAGE Calico Youth Mono White. Born from the Umbrian capital city of Perugia in 1959 from the mind of tailor Leonardo Servadio, ellesse derived its name from his initials L & S. The collection didn’t hit it big until the 70’s & 80’s after being heavily involved in the tennis scene, ellesse then paved its own way into fashion with sports & fashion collaborations before being adopted by football culture. A peak of a modern day 80’s resurgence, ellesse has made a comeback with a collaborative collection from their 80’s range of Casual wear. Working on collaborations, sharing stories with a like-minded community and moving forward to design casual-inspired clothing.

ELLESSE HERITAGE Calico Youth Mono White

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Side Step is a proud exclusive retailer of ellesse Heritage Footwear, Clothing and Accessory collections. Easily find your nearest Side Step stores here.
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