Superga Full Black Gum 2750 Cotu Classic SUP2BG superga full black gum 2750 cotu classic
Superga Full Black Gum 2750 Cotu Classic SUP2BG
Superga Full Black Gum 2750 Cotu Classic SUP2BG

Superga Full Black Gum 2750 Cotu Classic



SUPERGA Full Black Gum 2750 Cotu Classic

Superga now offers a wide range of colors, fabrics, and prints each season for women, men, and kids.

Apart from the original SUPERGA Vulcanized and Sport lines or “2750 Cotu Classic”, the collections include SUPERGA City leather and SUPERGA Country rubber rain and outerwear boots.

SUPERGA was born in 1911 in Torino, Italy, when Walter Martiny started production of rubber-soled footwear marked with the SUPERGA logo. In 1925 SUPERGA invented the 2750 model, shoes with vulcanized rubber soles. From 1934, the firm diversified its production to new collections dedicated to other sports and daily life.

After World War II, SUPERGA restarted production specializing solely in high quality footwear. In 1951 the firm merged with Pirelli, which brought it new funds and made it possible to sharply increase the production of tennis shoes.

In the 1970s, as the sales of the 2750 continued, SUPERGA diversified to add sport shoes with technical attributes. In the 1980s, the firm launched the production of clothes.

SUPERGA UK employs popular celebrities as their brand ambassadors, with whom they collaborate to create a collection of shoes designed by the ambassador each year, including Alexa Chung in 2012, Rita Ora in 2013, and Suki Waterhouse in 2014. Supermodel Binx Walton was announced as brand ambassador for 2015, followed by Abbey Lee Kershaw for 2016. 2017 sees supermodel and bass guitarist Pyper America Smith, sister of male supermodel Lucky Blue, as the brand ambassador.

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SUPERGA Full Black Gum 2750 Cotu Classic



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