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Converse All Star sneakers have always been synonymous with rebellion, authenticity and street-style culture. Side Step presents a legendary range of Converse sneaker styles - the original canvas sneaker that’s been making waves and collecting fans through generations for well over a century.

When wearing Converse Sneakers, you’re identifying with an authentic lifestyle, street and creative culture. Effectively making a style statement all the while enjoying your comfort game. Chucks are the epitome of cool school and old school at the same time – a true fashion legend ...

For those seeking something slightly different and yet no less iconic, the Converse leather line-up offers a wealth of options, an ideal casual winter Sneaker. Our selection of Converse All Star High Top and Lo leather sneakers will upgrade your daily style with ease.

Converse All Star shoes are worn by rule-breakers and visionaries around the world. Take your next step on your social adventure by wearing a pair. Whether you refer to them as your Converse, Chucks, All Stars, or all of the above, no self-respecting wardrobe is complete without a pair!

Whether they’re on the feet of a ‘70’s basketball star in a history book or on your feet in the street today, Chucks have always signified cool... because you wear them. Wherever you go, we know you’ll take your Converse sneakers with you.

Whatever your style, there’s a Converse sneaker for you. Shop the Converse All Star canvas, leather or fashion line ups in both Hi and Lo sneakers at Side Step at stores or online. They are available in a variety of colourways including white, black and navy. This sneaker is a true classic - and a wardrobe must-have!

So find the perfect fit, colour and price of Converse All Star sneakers that best suits your wardrobe style code. Explore to buy the Converse All sneakers from the Side Step online store today - easy online shopping at your fingertips delivered to your door!

  • Converse Chuck 70 De Luxe Squared Mens Shoes True Sky
    As low as R  2,399.99
  • Converse Chuck 70 De Luxe Squared Mens Shoes Stardust Lilac
    As low as R  2,499.99
  • Converse Chuck 70 De Luxe Squared Mens Shoes Egret/Black
    As low as R  2,399.99
    As low as R  1,599.99
    As low as R  2,399.99
    As low as R  2,499.99
    As low as R  2,399.99
    As low as R  1,299.99
    As low as R  1,699.99
    As low as R  1,599.99
    As low as R  1,799.99
    As low as R  1,099.99
    Converse Chuck 70 Mens Shoes Egret/Navy/Ocean Retreat
    As low as R  1,000.00
    Converse Chuck 70 Sport Remastered Youth Shoes Ox Natural
    As low as R  1,199.99
    As low as R  1,299.99
    As low as R  1,299.99
    As low as R  1,099.99
    As low as R  900.00
    Converse Chuck 70 Timeless Graphic Youth Shoes Egret
    As low as R  1,099.99
    As low as R  1,050.00
    Converse Chuck 70 Sport Remastered Youth Shoes LT Blue