Denim (How to wear Summer guide 2018)

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Denim Daring (You know you want to)

If you have weekend plans to hang with friends, chill with Bae, go to movies or are working, statistics show there is a 70% chance that you will be wearing denim in some form this weekend. This, even with our hot weather, us denim lovers always find a way of including a Levi Strauss and Co garment in some form or another, be it jeans, shorts, skirt or to top your outfit off, a jacket or waistcoat – denim always seems to feature.

This all-time fabric, world over, is the go-to for durable, timeless fashion. The Levi Strauss and Co straight cut jeans have managed to stay relevant through constantly evolving cultures, trends and times, seamlessly moving forward with well-timed and relevant jean fits and other apparel like Tees, shorts, jackets, skirts, hoodies and even sneakers providing a look that is relevant, practical and edgy.

Toss all that you know about wearing denim and dare to follow some of our excellent fashion suggestions below.

  1. Mix it up with Prints and Textures, instead of pulling a Justin and Britney on us with boring denim on denim try, combine faded frayed-edge jeans with a patchwork jacket. Moreover, some funky suede adidas Jeans sneakers or (material) heels.
  1. Be Big and Bold by matching your ripped boyfriend jeans with a lightweight bold printed summer coat (for those rainy afternoons.) Top off the look with some grunge boots, and a statement piece Gold chain or suede choker.

  1. Take some inspiration from Paris Fashion week and pair your acid faded denim jacket with, a print on print matching Chinos and formal shirt, top off the look with plain white platform sneakers and a fanny pack – you’ll turn heads in this look.


  1. And lastly, our last daring in denim tip, throw it way back when to the 90s with the frey Bermuda denim shorts, leather strap sandals and a print T-shirt. To finish off this look add a print visor or cap, backpack and major attitude.

In having tons of ways to wear your favourite Levi’s, your go-to casual weekend look it’s is waiting for you at your nearest Side Step store so get yourself set in the style mode. Play with denim this summer, don’t pass up an opportunity to be bold and brave when it comes to showing off your personal style.

Xoxo SneakerBae

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