Doing Life in Levi’s

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Doing Life in Levi’s 

Imagine a wardrobe without your jeans? Given a choice, most of us would be Doing Life in Levi’s I mean, what are the options if jeans were not readily available? With the ease of being able to dress your jeans up or down – no other item in your closet is nearly as versatile.

Jeans know no as limit either and the likelihood of you having worn a few pairs of Levi’s by the time you hit your 80’s is the norm – you might even still dock a few in your cupboard! No doubt jeans are one of the most versatile items of clothing you can own even new-born babies get to don the denim look.

Some of Levi’s Trend Trivia

Did you know that the jean trend started with a Nevada tailor, Jacob Davis who designed a sturdy pair of trousers for a woodcutter, using a more substantial kind of cotton duck and denim while reinforcing them with thread and rivets? Eventually, his fabric supplier Levi Strauss and co bought into the idea, so as they say in the movies, “the rest is history”.
It’s somewhat remarkable to think that this heavy-duty fabric, fashioned with bold stitching and rivets into simple pants for labourers, soon became a symbol for the 50’s American cowboy lifestyle, progressing to become a symbol of rebellion, worn by those rebels and anarchists in society who casually threw up the middle finger to conformity, and following the crowd. As social order tried to force its wearers to conform to standards where they were restricted as to when, where or how their jeans should be worn, the higher the demand grew especially amongst the lower-middle-class people, teenagers and young adults.

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Not only have jeans been a symbol of rebellion and nonconformity, but they have also levelled out the economic classes. These have been the one item of clothing that didn’t need tailoring, washing or significant upkeep, they also contoured to the body of the wearer over time, plus anyone and everyone looked cool in a pair of LEVIS, without trying too hard. (Except that awful couple fashion faux pa, yes you Britney and Justin!)


These days, we can wear our Levi Jeans without having to ‘hunger games’ our way through dirty looks when we walk down the street. Pair a classic 501s [from any Side Step Store], with a clean cut formal jacket, plain shirt and tie for any event from office board meetings to wedding ceremonies. Get yourself a pair of 511s or R514s to jazz up your first date outfit, believe us; it will make all the difference. For your day off go with the 522s and lastly for after work drinks with the boys, go casual and stylish in the 513s.

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Image: Levi’s® 

As advocates for jeans, here at Side Step Stores HQ, we know that jeans go beyond a fashion symbol; they reflect your individuality, and who you are. Like a much-earned badge of honour, every single pair of jeans holds a memory or a story that’s dear to the heart of the wearer. Doing Life in Levi’s, in our opinion is what makes your Levi’s iconic and irreplaceable, so go out and live life inspired.


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