Black Friday 2019: How To Shop On Black Friday

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Don’t Play Yourself – Black Friday Drip Mania

Don’t play yourself, shop like a pro this Black Friday… and drip the whole season. Black Friday is an opportunity to renew or upgrade your steez. You might be asking yourself how do I shop like a pro?

Black Friday 2019: How To Shop On Black Friday

Follow these tips and you will be shopping like a pro on Black Friday.

Go Squad Deep –

Black Friday shopping is usually chaotic. From long lines to fights over limited items. Going with your squad will help you save time and increase your chances of getting everything you want. Assign different tasks for your squad members to divide and conquer. One homie can be in the line while the others are shopping. You can also send half of your squad to a different mall to compare promotions.

Stay Woke –

Before you get too excited this Black Friday, stay woke and make sure you are really saving. Word on the street is some brands or shops increase their prices so that it seems like they having huge promotions on Black Friday. Start looking up prices on what you want now to compare prices with the Black Friday promotions 😉

Find a Hidden Gem –

If you really want to get the best Black Friday deals avoid shopping at a busy or easily accessible mall. Take the time and look for quieter, less busy malls or shops. You should even start searching for shops located in places where people don’t have the same style taste as you, nudge, nudge, wink, wink.

Be Real –

Even on Black Friday you can’t have it all. Be real with yourself and your pocket. Aim for things you really need first or stuff you really feel is crazy discounted. It’s easy for the shopping bug to take over so write a list of high priority to less important goods. Allocate extra funds for any temptation.

Know Your Biz –

Black Friday usually sees malls with extended shopping hours. Most people start their Black Friday shopping very early. It might be worth your while to negotiate with your boss to start and work later that day so you can get the best deals in your size. Or, take a half or full day off. Wake up early with your plan in place – go hunt those deals!

Get Your House in Order –

Are you paying cash or with a card? Sheer transaction pressure means card machines will be slower to process purchases. It could be an idea of having some cash on hand, not too much and be very careful. Be aware of the different payment options available at the stores you are going to on Black Friday.

Following these tips will see you walk out a winner this Black Friday. Don’t forget to keep your eyes on our page for the 2019 Black Friday Drip Mania Deals.

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