ICONS NEVER DIE: The adidas Grand Prix Legacy Continues

Side-Step-adidas-Originals-Grand-Prix adidas grand prix

The Iconic adidas Grand Prix Returns To Side Step.

The 70’s are well known for their funk fashion sense. In this era sports started having an impact on what people wear inside and outside the court. Tennis was growing at a fast rate and a lot of pro players were searching for a shoe that will support their feet when they are playing. When adidas dropped the Grand Prix in 1970 it was instantly big amongst Tennis Pro’s.

ICONS NEVER DIE: The adidas Grand Prix Legacy Continues

The sole offered comfort and the design were sleek. More and more tennis pros started playing in the adidas Grand Prix, this started a new street fashion trend. By 1972 the adidas Grand Prix was worn on the streets than in court.

Side-Step-adidas-Originals-Grand-Prix-2 adidas grand prix

Featuring a comfortable midsole, perforated toe-cap, stylish side panel support and a leather upper. This silhouette will forever be timeless. With the rise of vintage trends in 2018 -2019 it’s not surprising that the iconic adidas Grand Prix is coming back to Side Step.

Side-Step-adidas-Originals-Grand-Prix-1 adidas grand prix

Look out for the adidas Grand Prix has now landed at your nearest Side Step Store. For now, check out the wide range of adidas stock we have in store.

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