PUMA Muse Trailblazer

Puma Mbatha_Muse-Trailblazer puma muse trailblazer

PUMA Muse Trailblazer Released

International sports brand PUMA released the latest addition to the Muse Women’s range. Introducing the Muse Trailblazer, with its fierce and fab design, epitomises individuality, style and performance.

It is the progressive design of the PUMA Muse Trailblazer with pops of color and daring details that make this sneaker one of a kind. The feminine running-inspired silhouette features a subtle metallic and breathable textile with a slip-on construction for added comfort; the elastic cross straps create a clean and sporty look. The sneakers are fitted with ignite foam and are specifically designed to adapt to the female foot.

19SS_xSP_Nomzamo_Mbatha_Muse-Trailblazer_0018 puma muse trailblazer

Women all over the world are raising the bar and leading the way and living apologetically fierce, as they are embracing their individuality and strengths. The Muse collection echoes PUMA’s #DoYou campaign, inspiring them to be confident, motivated, and uncompromising in every aspect of life, including their style. The latest Muse Trailblazer sets the tone for yet another redefining year ahead.

19SS_xSP_Nomzamo_Mbatha_Muse-Trailblazer_0020 puma muse trailblazer

19SS_xSP_Nomzamo_Mbatha_Muse-Trailblazer_0168 puma muse trailblazer

Retailing for R1 499, the PUMA Muse Trailblazer will be available at Side Step from 1 February 2019

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