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Returns Policy

7.1. Standard Returns:

7.1.1. If you wish to return any Product/(s) for any reason whatsoever (save where the Product/(s) you wish to return are defective (refer to clause 7.2. for more info on returns of Defective Products and/or Incorrect Products), you may do so on the following conditions: the Product/(s) must be returned within 30 (Thirty) days from the date of purchase; you must have an acceptable proof of purchase (original till slip, bank statement or signed Delivery Note) Note: If the Product you wish to return was a gift, we will still require the proof of purchase; the Products are capable of return in that they do not fall within one of the categories listed in clause 7.1.2 below.

7.1.2. We will not accept the return, for any reason whatsoever the following Products or category of Products: For hygiene reasons, any underwear, swimwear etc.; Products that for reasons of public health do not allow their return; Products that were marked down/discounted at the time you your Order was confirmed and paid for; Products that are not in their original condition and packaging; and/or The Products that have been taken apart, altered, damaged and/or permanently installed, attached or joined to other goods or immovable property at the delivery address or elsewhere. Once we are in receipt of your return, we will assess whether the Product/(s) qualify for return, in terms hereof. If we determine after our assessment that the Product/(s) qualify for return, we will issue you with a refund of the full purchase price paid for the Product/(s) less any fee/(s) and/or charges that you are liable for in terms hereof, using the same payment method you used to pay for the Product/(s); If we determine that the Product/(s) do not qualify for return in terms hereof, we will not accept return of your Product/(s) and will notify you accordingly and we will charge you for all charges incurred by Side Step in having the Product/(s) returned to you (if applicable).


7.2. Returns on Defective Products and/or Incorrect Products:

7.2.1. Should you purchase any Product/(s) that is/are Defective, in that they are broken, damaged, missing parts and/or incapable of being used for their designated purpose, you may return the Product/(s) to us within 6 (six) months from the date of purchase, provided that the Product/(s) has/have been used for its/their intended purpose and it/they has/have been cared for according to any instructions that accompanied the Product/(s).

7.2.2. In the event that you reasonably believe that the Product/(s) delivered to you are incorrect/defective in terms of clause 7.2.1: Please do not remove any of the stickers or labels, or remove the Product/(s)s from its original packaging; and

7.2.3. Once we are in receipt of the alleged incorrect/defective Product/(s), we will then access the Products and determine if it/they are in fact incorrect and/or defective;

7.2.4. If we determine in our assessment that the Products are incorrect or defective, we will give you the option of a full refund using the same methos of payment originally used when making payment or we will replace the Product with the correct Product (if possible); and If we discover in our assessment that you have not adhered to the use and care instructions of the Product/(s), or that the Product/(s) is/are not defective or not affected by quality issues or incorrect, we may refuse to refund you or accept the return of the Products.


7.3. What are the expected waiting periods?:

7.3.1. Refunds and/or Exchanges will only be processed once the item has physically arrived back at our Warehouse to confirm that the item(s) are in its original condition and packaging.

7.3.2. Collections and/or returns of Exchanges can take up to 7 working days each, depending on the area of collection.

7.3.3. Refunds may take up to 10 working days to process and reflect in your account depending on your bank.

7.3.4. For EFT refunds, banking confirmation letters are required and may delay the process if not received. Please ensure that if the username on your order is different from the name on your banking confirmation letter, that a confirmation email be provided indicating the reason the names do not match. This is part of the fraud prevention criteria that is required for all EFT payments.


7.3. How do I return the Products/(s) ordered?:

7.2.4. 7.2.4. You can send an email to our customer service agents the below for or email them on [email protected].


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