The adidas Forest Grove

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The adidas Forest Grove, a descendant of the iconic Adidas Oregon, hit shelves this year and is fast becoming a favourite amongst some OG Sneaker-heads.

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The adidas Forest Grove

Following in the footsteps of the original Adidas Oregon, a lightweight timeless sneaker with nylon and pigskin reinforcements was released in 1982. The Forest Grove 2018 design and aesthetic remain strikingly similar to its former counterpart, with a combination of nylon and suede on the upper, with a contrasting tongue and heel accents.

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Featuring a sleek and appealing 80s reminiscent design, The Forest Grove combines a very soft EVA compound with the great Dellinger web to enable superior cushioning and shock absorption. The Dellinger web allows not only the use of a very soft EVA compound to promote absorption it holds the EVA in place which makes it perfect for an everyday use sneaker.

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All about embracing the retro 80s look, The adidas Forest Grove, appeals to both the OG sneakerheads and the stylish fashion and street style trendsetters. Available at all Side Step Stores

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