The adidas Superstar – You and Yours

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The adidas Superstar – You and Yours

Add a new kick to your Squad goals, Bae goals or Family goals with the adidas Superstar sneaker this Black Friday.

The Superstar appeals to different youth cultures, fashion movements and street styles and it earned its place as a classic adidas shoe. The sneaker’s silhouette is able to fit into a various outfits suitable for both genders of all ages.

Though the Superstar sneaker began its life as a court-dominating Basket-ball shoe, it was not long before it infiltrated the world of street-wear style, fashion and hip-hop, artist like Run-D.M.C, Pharrell Williams and Missy Elliot are well known for being big fans of the Superstar. This must-have lifestyle sneaker is comfortable and stylish, has eco-friendly full grain leather upper for comfort, a rubber shell toe, a comfortable textile linin, classic 3-stripes and a herringbone-pattern outsole for grip.  Having liberated the streets, the Superstar found its way into closets of many households.

Let them follow on your footsteps – #Squadgoals

Nothing is more striking than a family wearing matching hip sneakers. Whether you see them at the park or at the mall, families wearing matching items can brighten your mood and bring a smile to your face. In fact, the trend of ‘twinning’ or dressing your kids in the same ensemble or outfit has become so widely accepted that even celebrity parents have done it with their kids, Kim Kardashian and her daughter North are famous for taking a family approach to styling fashion.

The Superstar comes in a range of youth and adult sizes to fit the whole family. Whatever your family goals are for the summer, make sure that the Superstar is part of that list. You can have your cousin, husband, daughter or your friends to follow on your footsteps by matching up your shoe-game – Get the whole family Superstars, check out our Black Friday special deals.

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Match your Vibez – #Baegoals

Wearing matching outfits or articles with your partner is another way of saying “I’m committed to you” and a way of expressing your love and happiness as a couple. Some relationships prefer to keep their love on the down low, some proudly smooch in public, and others wear their hearts on their coordinating cuffed jeans, telling the world how they feel about each other by wearing matching items. Let me take you back to the infamous black leather outfits that David and Victoria Beckham squeezed in to announce their love – Twinning sneakers are like the new relationship bracelets, so take your next outing up a notch and match your vibez with the Superstar sneaker. Whether or not it will strengthen your relationship, one can never be sure. But one thing we can be sure about is that the adidas Superstar can bring a new fresh style to your #baegoals.

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Join the trend with the Superstar

Indeed, matching outfits have emerged as a popular style for love-struck couples and families. More than a thousand photos of siblings, friends and parents wearing matching clothes have been posted on social media, trending under the hashtag #Twinning #Squadgoals or #Baegoals, what better way to capitalize on that trend for the summer with a new pair of Superstars. There is never a better time to freshen up your sneaker collection. Get a pair at your nearest Side Step store now.