Side Step stores footwear collections the story behind the nike roshe run

When the designer of the Roshe, Dylan Raasch, was tasked with creating a NSW Running shoe at a $70 price point, he knew he’d have to keep it simple and as a life long meditation practitioner, simple meant Zen to him.

The term for a Zen master? Rōshi. Raasch said they had to change the spelling for legal reasons (likely because of the name of a character on the inexplicably popular show: Dragon Ball Z), but the pronunciation is still the same. So now you know the meaning AND how to say it.

For a running silhouette, it turns out you don’t need much: quarter support, heel support and some cushioning. Once the unnecessary elements were removed, it was an exercise of sculpting and refinement. The bottom of the outsole uses the Nike natural motion waffle pattern.

The outsole is a perfect example. All shoes have a cushioned midsole and rubber bottom for durability. I thought, what if you combine the two? I found a special EVA compound that is soft but supportive, and has the durability of a soft rubber. Thus, I eliminated the need for rubber molds, and with a one-piece injection there was no outsole construction necessary, making it a greener manufacturing method Via How To Make It #SideStepHistory #NikeRosheRun

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