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Finding your groove or kindred spirit has a lot to say about one’s life journey. The same has to be said about the words classic, timeless, youthful, original, influential and trend setting. Voltage denim speaks volumes as a styled, innovative urban lifestyle denim brand. It doesn’t hold back when it comes to styling, finish and comfort. Voltage thrives on transformation - not reinvention but rather perfection....

The ethos behind Voltage is that of exploration and perfection, taking craftsmanship to another level. Down to the smallest detail in finish, the aesthetic belief is that there is no limit to what denim can do. With innovation, sustainability and creativity at the core of Voltage, converts will see themselves as part of a change movement. Voltage decodes the world around us, dissecting, unlocking and energizing. The Voltage advocates seek commonality and unity all whilst being free to draw their own path. The latest Voltage range includes a variety of fits, made from quality denim and finishes, manufactured for seasonal nuances where one benefits from the process of enormous creative freedom, ensuring constant innovation. Voltage denim only uses top quality twill-woven cotton yarn with just the right amount of stretch ability required for the fit. Combine this with the right washes, dyes and treatments finished off with Voltage signatures that young, spirited individuals appreciate. These guys are unashamedly moving and shaking their spaces. Make your stand, and march in the streets with us, shop Voltage jeans at any Side Step store or the Side Step online store - 24/7. Choose from skinny and skinny slim in a variety of washes. Why not upgrade your wardrobe today with energized, quality denim?

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  • Shop Voltage Skinny Jeans Mens Grey at Side Step Online
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    Voltage Skinny Jeans Mens Grey
    As low as R  679.99
    As low as R  499.99
    As low as R  749.99
  • Shop Voltage Cargo Denim Slim Fit Jeans Mens Fir Black at Side Step Online
    As low as R  749.99
  • Shop Voltage Slim Fit Jeans Mens Blue Black at Side Step Online
    As low as R  450.00
    Voltage Slim Fit Jeans Mens Blue Black
    As low as R  499.99
    As low as R  799.99
    As low as R  499.99
    As low as R  799.99
    As low as R  949.99
    As low as R  899.99
  • Voltage Mens Hooded Bomber Jacket Black
    As low as R  949.99
    Voltage Mens Hooded Bomber Jacket Black
    As low as R  679.99
    As low as R  699.99
    As low as R  649.99

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